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  • Do I Need Travel Insurance?

    Whether you’re traveling for two weeks or one year, I always recommend getting travel insurance for a peace of mind. Here’s why. If you’re planning on taking a well-earned break, it’s important to set time aside...
  • 9.0

    Villa Sarasvati, Bali

    All in all, Villa Sarasvati was one my favorite places to stay in Bali. I didn’t find any flaw in this villa — it ticked every thing I had on my list, including a terrific location and quiet and green surroundings.
  • 9.0

    The Longhouse, Bali

    A timeless 6-room villa perched on the top of the Bukit Peninsula, enjoying 180-degree bird's eye view of the Jimbaran Bay, Bali.
  • 8.3

    Villa Delmara, Bali

    An eclectic villa with an interesting design and a unique location just steps from a secluded beach
  • 7.2

    Watermark Hotel and Spa Bali, Bali

    At Watermark Hotel and Spa, we felt like we had an escape away from an escape — into the world of Japanese food and fare. It was refreshing and it definitely reminded us of how much we loved Japan.
  • 9.0

    Intercontinental Bali Resort, Bali

    For my family, the resort was beyond what we expected in every sense of the word — offering great service, fun activities and plenty of space to relax and learn about the Balinese culture. We know we’ll be staying here for ...
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How to Explore Singapore like a Local

The Lion City has long been in one’s travel bucket list. It is easy to see why once you set foot on this magnificent city. Despite its small size, Singapore has a lot more to offer than just food joints and shops. If you wan...
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5 Best Beaches in Cuba

With the US government loosening restrictions on travel to Cuba,  mass tourism is bound to dominate the country in no time. Many travelers are now flocking to Cuba to see and experience it before it gets overcrowded by tourist...
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Back in Time: Historic Regions of Portugal

Portugal is a year around destination well known for both its landscape and its delicious cuisine and wines. Not only that, this country is home to some of the finest historical sites in Europe. Whether you’re walking the moo...
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How to Budget for Your Gap Year

Taking a gap year to explore and enjoy the world is an unforgettable experience, and one there’s no way to put a price on. Unfortunately, most of the things you’ll want to do while on that gap year do come at a cost...
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Tips for Night Photography

Night photography, simply put, refers to taking photos at night: the photos you take anytime between dusk and dawn. It is a type of photography which I found myself gradually drawn to. It poses a real challenge to travel photog...
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Rediscovering My Home Country of South Africa

After quitting our jobs, my husband and I we ventured out to experience life in Thailand. After teaching and exploring Asia, we returned home for a short hiatus. Thereafter we made the best decision ever, to explore our own cou...