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What You Need to Know About Online Access Before You Go Abroad

If you’re headed out of the country, whether for vacation, work, or a study abroad program, you don’t want your online access to be limited just because you’ve left the country. You want to Skype your mom from the Andes, ...
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5 Best Beaches in Cuba

With the US government loosening restrictions on travel to Cuba,  mass tourism is bound to dominate the country in no time. Many travelers are now flocking to Cuba to see and experience it before it gets overcrowded by tourist...
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Back in Time: Historic Regions of Portugal

Portugal is a year around destination well known for both its landscape and its delicious cuisine and wines. Not only that, this country is home to some of the finest historical sites in Europe. Whether you’re walking the moo...
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How to Budget for Your Gap Year

Taking a gap year to explore and enjoy the world is an unforgettable experience, and one there’s no way to put a price on. Unfortunately, most of the things you’ll want to do while on that gap year do come at a cost...
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Tips for Night Photography

Night photography, simply put, refers to taking photos at night: the photos you take anytime between dusk and dawn. It is a type of photography which I found myself gradually drawn to. It poses a real challenge to travel photog...
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What’s Your Religion? New Questions in Myanmar Foreshadowing of the Past Week’s Events

Growing up in The United States, inquiring about somebody’s religious orientation doesn’t generally breach the- we just met, hello, what’s your name, conversations. But in Myanmar, as I quickly learned, it doe...
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