Majestic Malacca, Malaysia.

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9.2/ 10

Price: Deluxe room with breakfast starting from MYR430 per room per night.


We loved the old elegance of the room, the 'never-leave-me' comfort of the bed and preserved colonial charm of the hotel. Our cooking class and the spa were also incredible experiences.


There was nothing negative about this hotel at all, but one thing I would suggest is perhaps adding to pork/bacon to the menu. Given the Baba Nyonya and Colonial theme of the hotel, the menu should cater for Westerners and locals alike as well as guests requiring Halaal food.

A truly unique experience of old Colonial elegance and Baba Nyonya charm.

by Lauren Manuel
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Walking into the Majestic Malacca from the noisy, humid streets of this historically rich city, felt like a cooling balm. Once inside with a cold cloth presented by staff in delicate coloured Kebaya, it seemed as though we had slipped back to Malacca’s era of Colonial European powers and wealthy Baba Nyonya people. My shoes rested on antique porcelain tiles and I surveyed the lounge with its turquoise doors, teakwood furnishings, old fans on the ceiling and Chinese pottery.

The mansion I sat in was originally built to house a Chinese tycoon and his family in 1929 and was passed down through the family before being converted into the hotel you see today. British residents, dignitaries and merchants would meet here regularly.

We walked past the elegant bar, library complete with painting, couches, Chinese antiques and past the pool outside before checking into our bedroom. The room with its teak four poster bed, framed picture of old Malacca, clawfoot bathtub on a black and white checkered floor enclosed by wooden screen doors painted the perfect picture of old Malacca and the modern city it was becoming today. Our host poured us tiny cups of lychee tea from a pink and yellow teapot incased in a basket before leaving us to unpack.

A peek into Baba Nyonya history and cuisine.

After an historical walk with the hotel’s historian beside the Malacca River, past the colonial Dutch church, and Portuguese fort gate to mention a few, it was time for our Peranakan Culinary journey with Chef Poh. In the courtyard of the Majestic beside the pool, we assisted Chef Poh in preparing the typical Malay spices and ingredients such as chillies, turmeric, ginger, galangal lime leaves and coconut milk to prepare the traditional dishes of the Peranakan people also known as the Baba Nyonya. This cultural group came about from the marriage of a Chinese princess with a Malay Sultan. Generations down the line, the Baba Nyonya still combine so much of their Chinese culture with that of the Malays. We were able to make and sample the very best of this culinary fusion with dishes of Chicken Pongteh, Pineapple prawn curry (Udang Kuah Pedas Nenas) and Cencaluk Omelette (Telur Dadar Cincaluk).

Majestic Malacca Hotel

Spa Village

Being a lover of massages and spas, I have been to fair share around the globe; this spa however was unlike any I had ever visited. I was close to choking with excitement when I walked into the spa with Peranakan Chinese day beds overlooking the pool, porcelain tiles on the walls and delicate traditional wood carvings and shutter doors. Before my treatment even began I was asked to complete a form to determine whether I had a warm (yang) or cold ( yin) body type as each therapy here was molded around each individuals warm or cold energies.
After lazing on the day bed with a cup of Melaka tea I was sprinkled with water from a lucky basket before embarking on a sensory experience inspired by a 12 day Peranakan wedding ceremony. In a pre-treatment, my scalp and hair were washed, massaged and combed whilst I watched old black and white Malay musicals. Turns out I have a cold body type and my nut-rice rolling massage using the Malay technique of massage certainly sent me into a blissful coma.

Majestic Malacca Hotel
Spa Village

Majestic Malacca Hotel
Hotel Lobby

Majestic Malacca Hotel
Hotel Lounge

Majestic Malacca Hotel
The Deluxe bedroom.

Majestic Malacca Hotel
Lychee tea served upon arrival.

Majestic Malacca Hotel
The bathroom separated by sliding doors.

Majestic Malacca Hotel
The dining hall.

Majestic Malacca Hotel
Elegant and beautiful spaces of the Majestic.

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