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7 Day Trips From Perth

Australia is a vast continent, there’s just no getting away from that fact. So how do you make the most of a short visit? Rent a campervan and spend the entire time driving the huge distances between iconic locations? Join a ...

The Highlights of Kakadu National Park

A wildlife refuge and UNESCO World Heritage site, Australia’s Kakadu National Park covers nearly 20,000 square kilometers. From stone country in the southern portion of the park to the marshes and billabongs of the north,...

Wayoutback Safari 13-M

Top 10 Things to Do in Australia without Spending Much

Australia is known for its spectacular tourist spots like the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Harbour Centre, and the Warner Bros. Movie World. But more than these landmarks, what most tourists love about Australia are the affor...

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Renegade Campervan – Britz, Australia

It is the most spacious campervan that we tried and it's perfect for a whole family. This campervan appeals to family travelers or a large group of friends that want to enjoy a good level of comfort while on the road.


Top 10 International Locations To House Sit

House sitting is fast becoming a savvy way to see the world and save a huge chunk of your travel fund at the same time. Avoiding hotels has its bonuses, whether you are exploring off the beaten track locations, soaking up some ...

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Bushcamper 3 Berth 4WD – Britz, Australia

This campervan appeals to young travelers who are hungry for adventure. We'd highly recommend it if you intend to drive offroad and for a short time period. Level of comfort is much lower than other Britz models.

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The Open Road: Tasmania

Originally published in WildJunket Magazine Summer 2013 here’s no soundtrack to the view that stretches out in front of me from my lofty perch on the summit of Mount Amos in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park. That...


Best in Travel: City Traveling, Off-Limit in Australia and Renting Apartments

Every Wednesday, we round up the best of the online travel media and feature it here on Best in Travel. To join in the fun, follow us on  on Twitter @WildJunket and tag your favorite stories with #WJmag. We’ll bring  t...


Diving With Sharks In Australia – No Cage Required

I can see them circling in the inky waters below, shadows loitering beneath me as I descend. My heart is pounding in my chest, beating to an unrecognizable rhythm. Cold oxygen pours into my mouth as I inhale short shallow breat...


Travel Hack – Explore the Great Barrier Reef for FREE

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. Made up of over 900 islands and 2,900 individual reefs there’s plenty of opportunity for the adventurous traveler to explore. While the beauty of the reef cap...