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What’s Your Religion? New Questions in Myanmar Foreshadowing of the Past Week’s Events

Growing up in The United States, inquiring about somebody’s religious orientation doesn’t generally breach the- we just met, hello, what’s your name, conversations. But in Myanmar, as I quickly learned, it doe...


Teaching in Myanmar: A Day in the Life

After working as a TESOL teacher in Thailand for a year and a half, I recently relocated to Mandalay, Myanmar to explore the world of teaching here.  I’ve been teaching here for five weeks in total, and couldn’t be...

WildJunket Spring 2013 10-M

The Golden Age: Myanmar

Originally published in WildJunket Magazine Spring 2013 he enormous bell rang overhead, thousands of candles flickered and the smell of incense filled the air. Row upon row of monks, dressed in swathes of burgundy, sat praying...


Colonial Splendor in Yangon

Overall this hotel met our expectations. The hotel's beautiful Victorian-style, coupled with it's central location and excellent service made our stay in Yangon a pleasurable experience.