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8.8/ 10

Price: US$25 to $100 per person.
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The originality of the hostel's idea is definitely its strongest selling point. If you enjoy staying in a place with character and a story behind it this is the place for you.


If you arrive late at night you might need to go into the bar downstairs to find someone to open the door for you but aside from that little perk there is really nothing much to complain about this place.

We could have not chosen a better place to stay in Cologne. The originality of the rooms and the excellent service left us wishing we stayed for longer.

by Alberto Molero
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Die Wohngemeinschaft (The Commune in english) is not your regular hostel. It started out as a café-bar in hip and modern Cologne, where a group of imaginary friends have a permanent reserved table for their gatherings. The constant questions about where these people live got the owners thinking about opening up a hostel. The result is one of the most original hostels we have ever visited. Now this group of fictional characters share an apartment right above their favorite bar. Each of the rooms captures the style and personality of its inhabitant/s, with lots of personal touches that really make you feel like you are crushing at someone else’s room.

The room we stayed at was Jimmy’s rockabilly room, decorated with pop and rock memorabilia, vintage furniture, and even an old vinyl player. Other rooms that caught our attention were the photographer’s (Paul) and the bookworm’s (Danilo), both designed with plenty of character and style.

Below is a photographic glimpse of this imaginative hostel. Next time you visit Cologne make sure you stop by the bar and maybe spend a night or two at the hostel; you will not be disappointed.

Paul, the Photographer’s Room


The Living Room

Danilo’s Literary Room

Manu’s Bollywood Room

The Shakespearantos Dorms

Jimmy’s Rockabilly Room

Disclaimer: Our stay was made possible by hostelbookers and Die Wohngemeinschaft hostel, but all opinions are our own.

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