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Unique location steps from an empty beach, secluded and remote, eclectic and eco design


You'll need a car to get here and around

An eclectic villa with an interesting design and a unique location just steps from a secluded beach

by Nellie Huang
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If you’re looking for somewhere truly off the conventional trail in Bali, this is it. Villa Delmara is perched on a small hill with a completely unobstructed view of the raw and rugged Balian Beach — one of the few coastal areas left in Bali that’s still relatively untouched by tourism. Unlike the popular tourist towns in South Kuta, Balian is a secret shared only amongst veteran surfers who know Bali inside out. Even local Balinese don’t know about this hideout!

This eclectic 4-room villa is anything but average — it’s got so much character and unique flair that you’ll be hard pressed to find any other living space quite like this in the world. With an eclectic design and architectural style, Villa Delmara features Dali-esque styles, retro colors and European elegance all at once. The bohemian atmosphere here naturally makes you relax and want to do nothing but lay by the infinity pool and stare at the beach for hours.


By now, you would have noticed that my favourite thing about Villa Delmara is its location. You really can’t ask for a better spot than at Villa Delmara, just steps from the rugged and spectacular black-sand Balian Beach. It’s one of the best surfing spots on Bali, and yet, very few people know of its existence. You can easily spend a day here without seeing any other tourist or fellow surfer. Instead, you’ll probably be warmly greeted by local fishermen and critters like crabs and bats on the natural headlands and hidden caves that fringe the coastline.

At high tide, the swells reach up to cover the wide, black sand beach; but once the tide is down, you can easily walk along the beach all the way to the main town centre in the northern, or to the southern end of Balian beach where there is another beautiful private beach with a small cave. The owner was more than helpful in sharing his family’s secret hideouts, including private beaches and hidden natural caves filled with bats.

Not everyone likes being isolated and away from tourist hubs, but we do. My family loves just how remote Villa Delmara feels. You’ll need a car to get here and explore the surroundings, but renting a car usually only costs US$18 to 25 a day.


Most people come to Bali for its culture and they like to stay in places with traditional Balinese design. While Villa Delmara has a very eclectic design and international style, there’s very little of it that reminds you that you’re in Bali.

But only after speaking to the owner did I realise that the villa actually incorporated plenty of local materials in its construction. For example, all the black rock on the stairs and pillars is in fact local river rock from Tabanan. Stone tiles and coconut wood flooring are from the island as well as the concrete floor and wall tiles found throughout the property. All of these local materials were made in Tabanan by an old artisan one tile at a time using a hand press, and even the furniture was custom made by local Balinese craftsmen.

Besides that, the owner also made sure to incorporate many eco and green features to ensure sustainable living. All their appliances are the latest designs that consumer low energy — including the toilet, showers, and LED lights. Only the bedrooms are air conditioned and all of them have automatic shut-off sensors if the doors are left open. They also use large solar water heaters on their rooftop that power all their hot water. For irrigation, they treat waste water with a bio reactor system, and also collect rain water from the roof in a large underground storage tank.


Villa Delmara is the beautiful creation of a Canadian couple who first visited Bali in 1995 and fell in love with the island for the sheer innocence and friendliness of people, the amazing beauty of the landscapes and its cultural aspects. A few years later, their work brought them out to Australia and they started making regular trips to Bali for scuba diving, hiking, and sight seeing. In 2000, they moved to Singapore for work and started to go to Bali even more often. Eventually they decided to build several holiday homes in Bali — for their sheer love of going to Bali and to provide benefits for the local people through employment, supplies and services.

Villa Delmara construction started in 2014 and was only completed in August 2016.  They first visited Balian beach in 2010 and were blown away by the powder black sand beaches and the secluded unspoiled beauty of the area. They became interested in finding a property here and the minute they saw the land Villa Delmara now sits on and heard the ocean waves rolling in, they knew that was truly a special place. They felt that if they loved it, then others would too.


Indeed, I can’t see how anyone would not love Villa Delmara, the surrounding lush foliage and the rugged Balian beach, along with all of its secret coves and hidden caves. Where else in Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, can you find a place that beautiful, remote and still luxurious?

My family truly enjoyed our time at Villa Delmara, exploring every interesting nook and cranny on the black sand beach and having the entire place literally to ourselves (and no other tourist). We loved spending quality time together here, by the pool, enjoying a local meal delivered from a nearby restaurant, or simply kicking back in the entertainment room.This is definitely one special place that we’ll return too someday.

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Balian beach – beautiful, wild and completely empty

Great beach for kids

Villa Delmara just behind the coconut trees

Steps from the beach

Villa Delmara from the top floor

Waking up to this view

A two-storey building great for large families

The main feature is its swimming pool

Enjoying the pool

Unobstructed view of the beach

Perfect for small kids

Plenty of lounging area by the pool

Even Kaleya is enjoying the deck chairs

And a day bed for afternoon naps by the pool

The living area spots vintage, retro design

Beautiful retro chairs

The kitchen is fully equipped with amenities for cooking

The dining area is surrounded by an artificial pond

The TV and entertainment room

The bedroom on the ground floor

An enormous bathroom

With a huge natural stone bath tub and views of the beach

One of the bedrooms upstairs

A corner room with four-poster bed and stained glass doors

And an outstanding open-concept bathroom

And its own large terrace overlooking the beach

Our bedroom on the other corner of the second floor

Our large bathroom

And another large open-concept bathroom

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