Captured on Film: India and Indonesia

Posted July 22, 2013 by Rachel Lee in Photo Essay

One can find visceral moments that embody both the natural and chaotic in India and Indonesia. The ease of village-living, combined with the raw power of the stark and sometimes bare landscapes, ensures that first time travelers to these locations would be both enraptured and jolted into a web of contrasting emotions.

There is nothing better than bringing to life, in film, the realities seen: decaying, fresh, romantic, dangerous, and ironic kitsch images. Images of the simple village life, the vibrant markets and the people who make a living in them, the natural wonders of a volcano and mountains, a beach, local children, heartwarming scenes in Indonesia and India, captured on 35mm film. This analogue photography adventure spells out a little romance journeying to these far-flung places; sharing my memories to speak of travels beyond the imagined.


An abandoned ice cream shop on Nandi Hills, Bangalore.


A fruit seller cutting pink guava at the Chickpet Sunday Market in Bangalore.


Two goats in small village near Nandi Hills, Bangalore.


Buying a pomegranate at Chickpet Sunday Market, Bangalore.


Plants with morning dew at sunrise in Batur Caldera Lake Area, Bali.


Village children showing me their puppy, Batur Caldera Lake Area, Bali.


Sulphur worker at Ijen Crater, East Java, Indonesia.


On Kuta Beach in Bali.


A brave man and smoking volcano, at Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia.
(‘Brave Man and Smoking Volcano’ is one of the 10 winning photographs in the photo competition ‘Let’s Take Flight 2013’, organized by Insight guides together with APA Publications, Fujifilm and National Library Board Singapore.)


On a horse through the ash plains, at Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia.

About the Author

Rachel Lee

She is a native of Singapore who loves the savage beauty of mountains and seas. Just over a year into making photographs in film, she aims to capture known and unknown places, arousing a sense of nostalgia for the fragile moments of everyday life, as observed in her travels around Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, France, Sri Lanka and in the Philippines.

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