WildJunket Summer 2013 15-M

The Open Road: Tasmania

Originally published in WildJunket Magazine Summer 2013 here’s no soundtrack to the view that stretches out in front of me from my lofty perch on the summit of Mount Amos in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park. That...

WildJunket Spring 2013 15-M

Rising from the Ashes: Zambia

Originally published in WildJunket Magazine Spring 2013 s our tiny spotter plane passed over the flat grasslands of Zambia’s Liuwa Plain National Park, eight round-eared faces with wet twitching noses peered up at us from th...

05 WildJunket Winter 2012-13 16

Galicia: Pilgrimage to the Sea

Originally published in WildJunket Magazine Issue 5 (Winter 2012) loud squelch escaped as I wriggled my feet into a chilly pair of thick rubber boots. They’re not my normal choice of footwear for a trip to the beach, and ye...