Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Posted March 7, 2018 by Nellie Huang in Travel Tips

Whether you’re traveling for two weeks or one year, I always recommend getting travel insurance for a peace of mind. Here’s why.

do i need travel insurance

If you’re planning on taking a well-earned break, it’s important to set time aside to do some research on the essentials as well as the fun matter of deciding on a destination and accommodation.

One of the major essential items you’ll need is travel insurance – and while many people assume that this type of coverage is much of a general all-encompassing item and buy their insurance cover from whoever is most convenient without much thought, the truth is that there are great deals out there to be had for those who are well prepared.

Just as you would shop around for the best savings account before making a final decision on opening up a savings account, it pays to spend a little time looking at all available options when it comes to travel insurance. Not that it needs to be a lengthy process; the rise of online comparison sites means that getting a whole host of quotes for your holiday insurance is a simple process that takes a matter of minutes.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Travel Insurance:

One thing to remember is that certain providers don’t allow their quotes to be given via a price comparison service, so if you look at your list of quotes and see that some of the major players are missing, it might be worth getting individual quotes from those providers just to double check that you are getting the best travel insurance that suits your needs.

Another major factor to take into consideration is how long it’s likely to be before you take your next holiday. Single trip travel insurance is obviously the cheap option for individual holidays but if it’s possible that you’ll be heading off on two or more trips within a 12-month period then annual travel insurance may be the best option price wise. As well as the cost benefit, annual travel insurance also provides a more convenient solution for the regular traveller, meaning that they don’t need to fill out paperwork before every single trip.

Whether you opt for single trip or annual travel insurance, you can save even more money on your policy by buying it online via a cashback site, which will credit you with a portion of its referral commission. Depending on the percentage of cashback offered, this could make an impact on which policy you go for so be sure to take everything into account before you sign on the dotted line.

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