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The first issue of WildJunket Magazine is finally here! We’ve packed our  inaugural issue with a special collection of epic journeys – from the polar extreme to the hot sizzling deserts within. Our cover story transports you to the Arctic – where I bring you along on my journey through the Svalbard archipelago in Norway onboard an expedition cruise. Our feature on Namibia is another story to look out for: Abigail King visits the haunting desert of Sossusvlei and reports back with droolworthy images and poetic words.

We’ve also got a photo essay by award-winning photographer Lola Akinmade who gives us a glimpse into the world of the indigenous Sámi people in the Swedish Lapland through her stunning shots. In this issue, Sarah Lee follows the frankincense trail in Oman and finds plenty of surprises beneath the sands; while Megan Eaves, a local expert on China,  shares with us her knowledge on the country in our 10-page travel guide on China.

In our Under the Radar department, we’re featuring Macedonia, a largely unexplored part of the world often overlooked by travelers; while our Feast section brings us to the palpitating heart of Indian gastronomy: Hyderabad. In this issue, our Contributing Editor Candace Rose Rardon reports from the roads of Nepal and shows us a different side to it – think lush jungles and elephants rides. She’s also our columnist over at our Travel Thoughts section, where she muses about the concept of adaptation: how far is too far when it comes to fitting in?

Plus 10 excellent wildlife trips, festivals taking place around the world this February/March, and photo contributions from readers.

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Issue #1 (Feb/Mar2012):

  • ARCTIC: Icebergs, glaciers and polar bears
  • NAMIBIA: Secrets of the world’s oldest desert
  • OMAN: Dhofar’s frankincense trail
  • LAPLAND: Sámi traditions in Sweden
  • CHINA: 10-page guide to the Middle Kingdom

The rest of Issue #1:

  • Trip Ideas: 10 wildlife trips
  • Under the Radar: Macedonia
  • Dispatches: Nepal
  • Just Back: Austria
  • Feast: Hyderabad, India
  • Stay: Turkey Cave Hotel


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