WildJunket Magazine Winter 2012/13

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We are back after a long break! Our last issue was a Wildlife Photography Special edition where we brought you the best of our wildlife images. Hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t downloaded it, just subscribe here to receive a free copy.

In this winter issue, we’ve lined up plenty of stories from snowy corners of the world: with a cover feature on Iceland, dispatches from active Finland, a photo essay of the last matriachal kingdom of China, and a comprehensive guide on Cambodia.

In our Under the Radar section, we follow our regular contributor Megan Eileen McDonough beyond the wall and into the underworld of Palestine. For an exotic meal, food writer David Hammond brings us into the colorful markets of Oaxaca to tease our taste buds with interesting flavors. Our editor Erin Ridley also takes us behind the scenes of Galicia’s mariscadora culture where we follow a group of fisherwomen at work on the beach. In our Stay section, we find the lair of Narnia’s White Witch at the original ICEHOTEL in Sweden.

Also in this issue: Our Travel Rant columnist Mike Sowden muses about our skewed perception of rudeness when abroad. Over at our Travel Thoughts section, regular contributor Candace Rose Rardon discusses the ethics behind photographing people — and reminds us to stop and think before shooting. She also shares with us a beautiful sketch of the Jama Masjid mosque in Old Delhi, where she currently lives.

We’re also giving away a free trip to Baja California, Mexico – all the details are in the magazine, don’t miss out!

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Winter Issue 2012/2013:

  • ICELAND: Fire and ice on the Arctic island nation
  • PALESTINE: Venturing beyond the wall
  • FINLAND: Winter thrills under the ice
  • CAMBODIA: From Angkor to Mekong, our 10-page guide
  • CHINA: Photo essay of the last matriachal kingdom

The rest of the issue:

  • Trip Ideas: 10 Expedition cruises
  • Dispatches: Digging for tradition in Galicia
  • Feast: Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Stay: ICEHOTEL, Sweden
  • Gear: Christmas gift ideas


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Alberto Molero is the co-founder, photographer and designer of WildJunket. As an adventure junkie, he’s fed his adrenaline cravings with scuba-diving trips in Borneo, ice-climbing excursions in Iceland and hiking expeditions in Australia. When he’s not traveling the world, he dreams of living on the beach and going surfing all day.

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