Editorial Guidelines

WildJunket stories are generally first-person narratives of epic journeys, outdoor adventures and deep cultural experience – written in the first person with a strong human touch. We aspire to bring readers on the journey with us and also encourage them to pursue their own adventure. With a focus on independent and sustainable travel, we cover far-flung destinations and experiential journeys instead of family vacations and city breaks. Each section presents a different travel angle, ranging from photo essays to short dispatches and food articles.

Articles should have the audience in mind: Adventurous, independent travelers in the age group of 25-44 seeking deep immersions and unique experiences. All photos must be accompanied by high-resolution images – please include links to low-res photos in your story pitch. We unfortunately don’t pay for any contribution here on this website.


  • All articles are written in American English. Prices should also be stated in local currency and USD.
  • Always keep the audience in mind – our readers are responsible, adventure travelers who are more interested in wildlife and nature than spring breaks and booze cruises.
  • Please include images (if they are not your own, please credit the source – only Creative Commons photos please).
  • The author’s bio and headshot will be included. Please keep your bio short (2-3 sentences).


  •  Contributors will retain the rights to your articles or photographs.
  • Please state if the article or photographs you’re pitching are original or have been published previously. While we do not have a first run only policy, please assure that all parties involved are aware of the republication.


For all pitches, please contact our web editor Elica Sue at elica@wildjunket.com.