#FriFotos: Dish It Out

Posted March 29, 2013 by Elica Sue in Blog

#FriFotos is a weekly Twitter chat where travelers can share their favorite photos based on a certain theme. To see this week’s theme and photos, search #FriFotos on Twitter. Tweet one of your own and join in the fun!  

This weeks Twitter hashtag #FriFotos topic is DISHES! Whether you think of dishes as the physical plate you place food, or a specific cuisine like French or Japanese dishes, they’re dishes all the same. Like the food on top, plates can be designed and distinguished based on their aesthetic characteristics. Both the plate and cuisine can come together for the presentation of food, for not only your mouth and stomach, but for your eyes as well. Check out some of the photos we picked out for this week’s theme.

Enjoy the colour: woven circles

Woven dishes in Ethiopia.
Flickr photo by 10b travelling.

sushi galore

A common Japanese dish–sushi!
Flickr photo by lotusutol.


Dishes being sold in Bukhara.
Flickr photo by eatswords.

Playa de Arinaga

A fish dish!
Flickr photo by Risager.

Chinese Plate with Chopsticks (b)

The simplicity of a plate before the food is cooked.
Flickr photo by TheBusyBrain.


A Mexican dish in Loreto, Baja California, Mexico.
Flickr photo by elicasue.

Turkish dishes

Turkish dishes in Istanbul’s grand bazaar.
Flickr photo by polarjez.


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