#FriFotos: Home is Where the Heart is

Posted March 9, 2013 by Elica Sue in Blog

#FriFotos is a weekly Twitter chat where travelers can share their favorite photos based on a certain theme. To see this week’s theme and photos, search #FriFotos on Twitter. Tweet one of your own and join in the fun!  

This week’s #FriFotos theme is HOMES. It’s been said that home is where the heart is, and nothing could be more true after you’ve returned from a long trip, just to come back to your own comfortable and familiar place. Check out some of the photos we’ve picked of homes from around the world–and see that no matter how different the exterior is, we all have somewhere to come back to.

Rainbow Houses

A colorful row of houses in Norway.
Flickr photo by Canadian Veggie.


A well-lived home in Virginia, USA.
Flickr photo by wizardofozgurl.

Home on the Range

A home in Austria.
Flickr photo by TMView.

Houses along the road

Some houses in East Africa.
Flickr photo by 10b travelling.

Ban Prasat House

A home in Ban Prasat, Thailand.
Flickr photo by Buzz Hoffman.

It's Always Rainy in Paranapiacaba

A rainy day for Paranapiacaba, Brazil, but sheltered by homes.
Flickr photo by Diego3336.

Colorful Homes

Homes in Portofino Bay, Italy.
Flickr photo by Mangilao30.

Gassho over lake

A home in Shirakawago, Japan.
Flickr photo by TruShu.

Mykonos-Greece April 2010

A home in Mykonos, Greece.
Flickr photo by Lee Cannon.

Sunset over rice fields; NE of Galamba, Xishuangbanna Region, Yunnan, China

A sunset over Yunnan, China.
Flickr photo by Lon&Queta.

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