#FriFotos: World of Purple

Posted April 12, 2013 by Elica Sue in Blog

#FriFotos is a weekly Twitter chat where travelers can share their favorite photos based on a certain theme. To see this week’s theme and photos, search #FriFotos on Twitter. Tweet one of your own and join in the fun!

This Friday’s Twitter hashtag #FriFotos theme is PURPLE It used to be the color of royalty, but the rich color still graces us with its beautiful presence in both nature and landmarks, from bright lights on bridges to vibrant skies. Purple may not be as common as green or blue, but if you look a little closer, purple can be found in all corners of the world. Take a look at this week’s collection of photos, featuring purple.

Purple Dreams [#1]

Beautiful skies near the water in Tuscany, Italy.
Flickr photo by hippydream [is busy].

Purple swimingpool

A purple swimming pool in Santorini, Greece.
Flickr photo by César Poyatos.

Purple Haze

City lights in Polson Pier, Toronto.
Flickr photo by johncavacas.

purple is the new black

A purple baggage trolley at the metro station in Port Elizabeth.
Flickr photo by max_thinks_sees.

Purple Sky 07:40

Purple skies over Dryslwyn Castle in Wales.
Flickr photo by col&tasha.

Looks Purple To Me

The George Washington Bridge in New York.
Flickr photo by hjhipster.

Purple Haze

Star trails over Wales.
Flickr photo by c@rljones.

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