#FriFotos: Shocking Beauty

Posted August 23, 2013 by Elica Sue in Blog

#FriFotosfollow is a weekly Twitter chat where travelers can share their favorite photos based on a certain theme. To see this week’s theme and photos, search #FriFotos on Twitter. Tweet one of your own and join in the fun!  

If you haven’t been following the Twitter hashtag #FriFotos, then you wouldn’t know that today’s theme is ELECTRIC! Electricity can be found everywhere in today’s modern world–it helps us accomplish what we need to accomplish, and fast. But electricity isn’t just a helpful tool; electricity can be shockingly beautiful when encountered at the right moment, the right place and the right time. Check out some of these electric moments of shocking beauty caught on camera:

London Night Light

Flickr photo by Doug Wheller.


Flickr photo by Joe Vahling.

Light Trails

Flickr photo by Kay Gaensler.

Light Pollution

Flickr photo by José Ángel.


Flickr photo by Hakon Sonderland.

More of those Lights

Flickr photo by elicasue.

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