Top 5 Coastal Towns in the U.K.

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Summer is the season that many people wait all year for, from counting down the days until the sun to prepping for their next big trip. As fun as summer can be, sometimes you never get around to doing what you really want to do, whether it’s spending more time with friends and family or taking that trip you’ve always wanted to take. The United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in the world, and if you’ve ever wanted to see it with your own eyes and experience it with your own soul, summer is one of the best times to do it. Here are three summer getaways in the United Kingdom:

1. Minehead

When you think of England, the first thought that might come to your mind is Big Ben, double decker busses, or their Union flag. You  might rarely ever think of going to the U.K. for a beach holiday, but Minehead is town located in on the southwestern coast of Somerset. Though England may not be your ideal country for sun, Somerset’s warmest weather peaks in July and August, when you can participate in a variety of activities such as simply walking on the sandy beach, sightseeing traditional villages and the Dunster castle, all while spend time with your family.

Minehead Harbour on the Bristol Channel

Flickr photo by Bernt Rostad.

2. Southend on Sea

Located in Essex, England, Southend on Sea has one of the world’s longest piers at 1.33 miles, so summer is a perfect time to take a walk above the water. If you’re not much into walking though, they have a railway that will do all the walking for you. If you want a relaxed day, you can spend time looking through museums and art galleries; if you have children, there is also a sea life center where they can identify different creatures that inhabit the sea.


Flickr photo by Ian Lloyd.

3. Stonehaven

Stonehaven, unlike the others, is located in Scotland. If you enjoy picturesque sceneries of a traditional countryside, Stonehaven is the place to go. There is a trail that runs along the coast for those to enjoy a beautiful scenic walk, though for others there is a tour of a whiskey distillery. For the nature lovers, there is a coastal nature reserve nearby where you can see the height of the majestic cliffs and even see colonies of sea birds and their nesting environment.

Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Flickr photo by longfellowelizabeth.

4. Skegness

Located in Lincolnshire, Skegness is a coastal town where the ocean crashes onto England’s eastern shores. Skegness’s climate also peaks in July and August, so summer is the perfect time to experience what this city has to offer. If you’ve never tried England’s famous fish and chips, you can get authentic ones in Skegness, and spend that much desired time with your family at Skegness’s blue flag sandy beach, at the fairgrounds, or at the Skyline Pavilion, where you can participate in anywhere from arts and crafts to relaxing.

Foam @ Skegness, Lincolnshire

Flickr photo by Tim Parkinson.

5. Penzance

This port and town located in Cornwall is known for being the most westerly town in its county. Slowly becoming a cultural town, its history dates back to the age of iron usage. You can also see art galleries and spot Georgian architecture, but if you’re there for the beach scene, that won’t disappoint either. June is usually the best time to visit, so if you’re considering going to Penzance, plan this at the beginning of your summer.

Penzance, Cornwall, UK

Flickr photo by Brit.


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