Summer in Malta: What to See

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Bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean, Malta is the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday. There, you’ll find idyllic beaches, calm seas and a host of attractions to keep you entertained. If you’re planning a holiday in Malta, this brief guide can help you to make the very most of your stay.

Explore the Historical Fort of Valletta

Named one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world by UNESCO World Heritage, Valletta is Malta’s capital city and it’s chocked full of history and Maltese cultural heritage. The historical town is squeezed into less than one square kilometer of space, -stoned streets are great to explore on foot. Some interesting sights include St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the pristine 300 year old Manoel Theatre, and most importantly, the fortifications that surround the city. Walk a circuit around the edge of the city on top of the walls (or as close as possible) looking down on the two harbors that flank the capital. The walk is circular so you can start anywhere, but I would start at City Gate – the main entrance to the City.

2 Harbours Cruise

Flickr image by Thulborn Chapman

Experience the Beauty of the North

Most of the visitors to this sun-soaked archipelago gravitate towards the beaches along the northern coast of the main island, including Mellieha Bay. Measuring 800 meters, this is the longest beach on the island and it slopes gently into the sea, meaning it’s perfect for paddling and swimming. There is plenty of luxurious accommodation on offer in this idyllic vacation spot, and you’ll also find facilities including restaurants, bars and, if you’re feeling active, a host of water sports. Meanwhile, other popular beaches in the north include Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay.

Malta: Gozo, Azure Window

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Hike the Marfa Ridge

From Mellieha Bay and the surrounding area, you can explore the north coast of the island, taking in the local sights. If you fancy stretching your legs, you can set off on the 11-kilometer Marfa Ridge country walk. Starting at Mellieha Bay, it will take you through wooded areas and farmland, along steep cliffs and across picturesque bays. You’ll also get to see the famous Red Tower. Make sure you take some refreshments if you set off on this trip though as it takes around 4.5 hours to complete.

Mellieħa Parish Church

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Wander the Medieval Streets of Mdina

Mdina is another one of Malta’s medieval towns worth exploring. Its distinctive narrow winding streets sheltered by imposing walls of nobles houses are simply beautiful to stroll in. Hardly any signs of modern development are noticeable and the lamp-lit evenings are surreal. As Malta’s first capital, Mdina has been inhabited and fortified since the Bronze Age and was the Roman center of Malta. Still inhabited, it is something of a living museum. Malta’s noble families have their ancestral homes here and its tiny, labyrinthine streets are a delight to explore.


Flickr image by M.Pelnado

Take a Trip to the Blue Lagoon

No trip to Malta is complete without a visit to the Blue Lagoon. This serene stretch of water lies between the island of Comino and the adjacent islet of Cominotto and it’s easy to reach by boat on a day trip from departure points in the north of the mainland.

This area of sparkling clear blue water set on top of bright white sands is simply stunning to look at and it is the perfect place to enjoy a swim. You can also snorkel there, and around the edges of the lagoon you’ll find caves to explore. Some boat trips wind their way into these rock formations too. If you’re keen to enjoy the lagoon at its quietest, it’s best to arrive early or leave late.

Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta

Flickr image by Shepard4711

Once you’ve experienced the magic of Malta for yourself, you’ll understand exactly why this small archipelago is such a hit among holidaymakers from around the world.

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