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The Best Barcelona Experience: Highlights

Spain has been my ultimate “dream country” to visit ever since I started liking languages, and I never imagined I would be going any time soon after that dream emerged. A little over two years after the dream was dr...

Diving, Surfing, and Hiking: Top 5 Adventures in Barbados

Barbados is a small county that lies in the Caribbean just northeast of the South American country, Venezuela. As a famous tourist destination, it is a popular country for water sports because it is surrounded by just that; pro...


Youth Hostel, Zermatt

Overall, we think that this Youth Hostel is the best choice for winter sports enthusiasts that want to enjoy the first class slopes in Zermatt without expending hundreds of dollars in accommodation.

Finland’s Frozen Thrills

By Stuart Forster | Originally published in  WildJunket Magazine Issue 5 (Winter 2012) flurry of snow and ice surrounds me. The Arctic wind whips my red cheeks, rosy from both the sub-zero temperature and the adrenaline rush...