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Posted July 25, 2013 by Adrian Qais in Top 10

If you don’t have any idea what to buy a friend or loved one who is about to pack up all their earthly belongings into a 45-litre rucksack, and head out the door on their first adventure, fear not. In my humble opinion, backpackers are easy people to shop for; you just need to be conscious of 2 important issues:  the issue of space and practicality. If they can live without it, they probably will. Here are my top 10 gifts for backpackers:

0. Laptop

I know putting something as ‘zero’ on a Top 10 list is cheating, but nowadays I think carrying a little, cheap laptop is necessary. It is an essential travel item for those that want to start their own blog while on the road! If you talk to travel bloggers, most regret NOT starting their travel blog when they first walked out of their front door. It doesn’t have to be expensive machine, but the smaller the better. If you need any convincing this article should help.

1. Proper Traveling Backpack

Boring, I know, but a good backpack is honestly worth its weight in gold! Articles have been written about which types are the best but in my opinion, any bag that can be fully opened from top to bottom are the best buys. I’m no expert, but my opinion is based on going through at least 6 different backpacks over nearly 50 countries.

2. Good First Aid Kit

You can never go wrong with giving your friend or family member one of these beauties. They are not very expensive so you can go ahead and get one with all the bells and whistles. If you’re feeling extra generous, try and order a few tubes of ‘Neosporin’. It’s like a magic ointment in a tube that will close and heal most cuts and brushes in the blink of an eye.

3. Good Shoes

I dont mean hiking shoes, though the ones that are a cross between running and hiking shoes are the best. One of the best brands at the moment is Salomon (see picture).

4. Grid-it iPad

For those who love to travel with gadgets, these types of presents are amazing and worth every single penny!

5. Selk’bag

The ‘Selk’bag’ won’t be suitable for some backpackers, but if they’re going somewhere cold or have just come back and have a new found love for camping, they’ll definitely appreciate one of these in their lives! It’s simple, brilliant and fun; the only thing they need to bring out in the next model is an ‘easy zip’ for when you have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night!

6.    Small High-Powered Mini-Speakers

These have got to be the best present I ever received for my travels; I couldn’t recommend these enough. They’re small, hold a lot of charge, and are a great way to get a party started!

7.  In Ear Headphones

The smaller the better and the better the smaller. These are pretty self-explanatory and you might need them if you have any electronics that are capable of having sound come out from them.

8. iPod

Every traveler needs one of these, especially the newest model. Not only  will you be able to listen to all your music on the road but you can also access the Internet whenever you happen to stumble upon Wi-Fi; you can get in touch with friends and family through Skype or FaceTime.

9. Turkish Bath Towel

I don’t mean one of those super absorbent ones (I’m not a fan of them one bit). I always find that they start stinking after a couple of uses. The best thing I’ve ever bought and still use over my normal towl is a Turkish bath towel. They are light, quick to dry and you can fold them down to almost nothing! A perfect present that deals with the issue of space and practicality beautifully.

10. Key Safe

These little beauties are great for any and every traveler! Once you use one of these you will wonder how you could have lived without one for so long! Not only are they good for travelers, they’re amazing for the surfers among us who need a safe place to stash their keys!

What would you give a traveler? What would you like to receive? Leave them in the comments below!

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