Top 10 Things to Do in Australia without Spending Much

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Australia is known for its spectacular tourist spots like the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Harbour Centre, and the Warner Bros. Movie World. But more than these landmarks, what most tourists love about Australia are the affordable, unique, and exciting adventures. To those who think that going to the usual Australian landmarks is somewhat costly, here are some the cheap and fun activities you can enjoy while the sights and sounds of the Land Down Under.

1. Crab Racing

Odd as it may seem, but this kind of activity attract a lot of tourists. At the Friends in Hand Bar in Sydney, you will hear people screaming their lungs out while watching crabs outrun each other. Anybody can join the race. Just pay $2AUD and you will get your own crab for the contest.

2. Dr Sketchy’s

This activity is tagged by Australians as an anti-art school that letss artists sketch the lines of the glamorous models. Dr. Sketchy’s is a fortnightly gathering that takes place at the Arthouse. There’s no entrance fee for the show. All you need to do in order to get in is buy foods and drinks at the venue.

3. Visit beaches in Newcastle

If the US has Florida, Australia has Newcastle. A stay at some hotels near Newcastle beaches may not be that cheap, but the white sand, delicious food, and hospitable people are surely worth your every dollar.

4. Driving along the Great Ocean Road

Drive through Australia’s most popular road stretch and get to see the scenic Australian coasts, the Shipwreck Coast, and the famous rock stacks known as the Twelve Apostles.

5. Gliding the Morning Glory Clouds

In Queensland, scientists and gliding enthusiasts gather every spring season to anticipate a meteorological phenomenon called Morning Glory Clouds. These weather phenomena are tube-shaped roll clouds that go up in the air. You don’t have to spend anything to witness this natural wonder. Just wake up as early as 4 in the morning and head to Queensland to witness a majestic view.

6. Join an outback road trip

An Australian trip will never be complete without an outback trip. Through a 4WD vehicle, take a trip up north and see the stunning gorges, picturesque riverbeds, pounding waterfalls.

7. White water rafting

Rafting is a very exciting sport but it is more fun if it is done in the North Johnstone River. This place, which is situated between volcanic gorges and the ancient rainforests of Palmerston National Park, boasts eerie attractions white rivers, luminous species fungi, and dancing fireflies.

8. Overnight stay at the Blue Mountains

Spend a night or two in this beautiful landscape that is just 30 minutes away from Sydney. Top tourist attractions within the area are the Edge Cinema, Toy and Railway Museum, and the Zigzag Railway.

9. A stroll on the Bay of Fires in Tasmania

Explore Tasmania’s dramatic landscape, ecology, and wildlife.

10. Sydney Sightseeing pass

Visit five different Sydney sites for just $100. This promo, which is effective for three months, gives you instant and cheap access to Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Skywalk, jet boating and trips to the Blue Mountains.

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