Diving, Surfing, and Hiking: Top 5 Adventures in Barbados

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Barbados is a small county that lies in the Caribbean just northeast of the South American country, Venezuela. As a famous tourist destination, it is a popular country for water sports because it is surrounded by just that; professional surfers cruise the waves that crash towards the shores, though Barbados’s island geography also encourages other water sports such as diving, fishing, boating, wind and kite surfing. The tropical weather and very nature of this little Caribbean island creates beautiful beaches and tropical forests through which you can zip line or take a hike. Those craving a tropical Caribbean, active adventure can find it in Barbados.

1. Surfing

With its huge swells and pounding waves, Barbados is well known among the surfing community. The island plays host to numerous surfing competitions throughout the year, some of which are under a Surfer of the Year Series held by the Barbados Surfing Association, the Reel Bowl Surfing Classic, and a Pro Surfing Championship. Some surfing hotspots on Barbados include the Soup Bowl and Parlour on the eastern coast, Duppies on the northern coast, Tropicana on the western coast, and Brandon’s and Freights Bay on the southern coast.

Barry Banfield going vertical

Flickr photo by TarikB.

2. Diving

Once you surf above the ocean, dive below it and behold the wonders of the underwater beauty of Barbados. Shipwrecks and coral sea life populate the bottom of the ocean floor while wildlife swims around you as you dive or snorkel, or maybe “snuba” which is a combination of both diving and snorkeling. Many dive sites are located on the southwestern and western coast of the island.

Barbados Diving-52

Flickr photo by John David Showell.

3. Fishing

If you like being by the water without getting completely wet, fishing might be more geared towards your taste. With worldwide popularity for both sport and sustenance, extreme fishing adventures have emerged in the form of all-inclusive vacations, guided trips, and unique experience gifts. The waters of Barbados are abundant with an array of fish such as marlin, barracuda, kingfish, and the flying fish, which happens to be Barbados’s official national fish. Like surfing, Barbados has an annual competition for anglers who come from all corners of the world.


Barbados East coast

Flickr photo by DrAcoustic.

4. Hiking

Completely getting away from the water, Barbados’s natural makeup of land creates many beautiful places to take a hike. Some places to go hiking include gullies, fields, and even the tropical rain forests–though if you like animals, check out the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, where you can see turtles, monkeys, deer, and other assortments of creatures. Barbados is mostly known for their water sports, but a good way to keep dry and get acquainted with the land is through hiking.

Barbados Green Monkey

Flickr photo by Snap Man.

5. Boating

Many of Barbados’s sports involve water, but boating is another way to be near (or above) the water without having to get that soaked. Barbados has ideal components to make boating a great experience, from the great winds to the vibrant waters to boats that are well taken care of and run by seasoned crew. Once you’re out in the ocean, you have options to snorkel or swim if you’re feeling in the mood.

Mount Gay Regatta Barbados 2011

Flickr photo by TarikB.


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