Top 10 Beaches in Israel

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Israel is renowned for its long, hot summers and its excellent beaches. Much of Israel’s western coastline borders the Mediterranean Sea,  where the Red Sea lies at the southern tip. In no particular order, these are the top 10 beaches in Israel, though Israel is home to much more than just 10 amazing beaches…

1. Coral Reef Beach (Eilat)

Located on the Red Sea, this is a great snorkeling beach and is great for families, where you can rent equipment, take showers, and sit in sun lounges. There is a kiosk above the water to complement the wonders under the water.

כחול בעיניים, זה מה שיש

Flickr photo by Or Hiltch.

2. Sironit Beach (Netanya)

Netanya is blessed with a great coastline but accessibility is sometimes problematic due to the cliff faces. Sironit Beach which lies south of the city, has a glass paneled elevator to get you from street level to beach level quickly, for a cost of only 1 shekel.

Netanya, Israël - 2008

Flickr photo by Emmanuel DYAN.

3. Beit Yannai Beach (Beit Yannai)

Just north of Netanya on the Mediterranean, this pristine beach is the perfect place to relax and take a break. However, if a bit of kite surfing takes your fancy, feel free to indulge.


Flickr photo by xor74.

4. Aqueduct Beach (Caesarea)

Home to oligarchs and the Israeli prime minister, Caesarea also has some amazing history. At this quiet beach, you can take in the Roman ruins and the aqueduct built under Herod’s rule in the first century BCE.


Flickr photo by fabcom.

5. Mineral Beach (Dead Sea)

The legendary Dead Sea in which you cannot swim but float has many beaches, though nothing beats Mineral Beach on the northern end. With the free Dead Sea mud, showers, a cafeteria, a natural hot sulfur Jacuzzi and more, this is the best beach from where to experience the Dead Sea.

Mineral Beach

Flickr photo by Dan Zelazo.

6. Apollonia Beach (Herzliya Pituach)

A premium address for a premium beach. On the Mediterranean, this beach offers fine sand, clear water, beautiful people, stunning cliffs, ancient ruins, and it’s only a 15 minute drive from Tel Aviv.

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) לבנית קטנה

Flickr photo by Guy Haimovitch.

7. Tayo Beach (Bat Yam)

After a short drive south of Tel Aviv on the Meditarranean is Tayo Beach, with vast expanses of powdery, white sand and crystal clear water. Sun lounges and umbrellas available for rent, ample free parking (except on weekends), a cafeteria and restaurant are perfect to accompany a perfect beach.

Lots and lots of sea shells

Flickr photo by Eran Sandler.

8. Jerusalem Beach (Tel Aviv)

Don’t let the name deceive you; Jerusalem Beach is in the heart of Tel Aviv and is central, though not as frenetic as some of Tel Aviv’s other beaches. Tel Aviv is perfect combination of  being laid back and cool. This is the Mediterranean at its best.

Tel-Aviv beach

Flickr photo by Yaniv Ben-Arie.

9. Arsuf Beach (Arsuf)

A twenty minute drive north of Tel Aviv, home to some of the country’s wealthiest people, is Arsuf Beach. It is accessible by driving or by hiking to a remote location, then scaling a cliff to reach this pristine piece of beauty. It is well worth the effort.

Tel Aviv: Kibbutz Arsuf Yam

Flickr photo by TijsB.

10. Palmachim Beach (Kibbutz Palmachim)

Just south of Tel Aviv, this is a beautiful beach, though not heavily visited, even when it is in season.

Collecting Shells

Flickr photo by Roni G.

Which beach would you visit in Israel? If you’ve visited a beach in Israel and it’s not on here, leave it in the comments below!

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