Are You Addicted to Travel?

Posted March 28, 2013 by Kenza Moller in Inspirational Stories

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As a chocolate addict, I know the rules to avoiding a relapse: I try to keep anything cocoa-flavored out of my home and I avoid the appropriate aisles of temptation at the grocery store. But every once in a while, a craving will set in that’s impossible to shake. It will simply nestle into my mind and make itself at home, refusing to budge until I cave and buy myself some Reese peanut butter cups. Once the longing has been sated, it bunkers down again and waits a couple of weeks before it pops its head back up.

You’d think that travel would be the same. After two months in Victoria, Canada, kept busy by school and work, I was starting to get itchy feet. My trip to Colombia came just in time, and I spent a fantastic week away immersed in a new culture, energized by the excitement of new experiences.

The more I travel, the more I want to explore

Now, following the previous chocolate analogy, one would think that an action-packed week in Colombia would help me kill that travel craving and feel sated until summer comes around, but as it turns out, exploring Colombia’s valleys and coasts just acted as an appetizer, piquing my hunger for travel. I find myself spending ridiculous amounts of time on Pinterest’s travel pages, sighing over pictures of tall ships trailing through turquoise waters, dreaming of adventures along Italian cliffs.

Travel, as it turns out, acts more like a quick shot of caffeine than a long-lasting protein when it comes to killing cravings. Traveling gives you a great high while you do it, but afterwards comes the crash that leads you to obsess over maps and stalk airline sites for good deals. It’s hard to feel content at home, knowing that there’s so much out there for me to explore. For now, I’ll just have to scour through the internet and start saving for my next escape…

Are you addicted to travel too? To find out if you really are hooked, here are 20 signs that you’re addicted to travel?


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