Travel Hacking: How to Find Cheap Flights

Posted December 18, 2014 by Nellie Huang in Blog

Hate spending hours trying to find the best flight deals? It can get frustrating sometimes scouring websites and search engines to seek out the lowest airfare. Thankfully these days there are lots of techniques we can use to help us save time and trouble. After spending the past decade or so traveling independently, we’ve learned quite a lot of tricks when it comes to finding cheap airfares.

Here are some of our best tips:

1. Always Compare Across Various Sites!

Gone are the days when you need to manually check airfares on different airlines, one by one. Now almost every flight search engine lets you compare airfares across different websites. These websites finds you the cheapest airfare at one click and then direct you to the best place to book your flight. These days, most of them include budget airlines in their search. However, take note that booking with some of these sites can be annoying when it comes to changing flights as you’ll have to go through both the site and the airline!

2. Check Flight Time, Weather and Duration

Most search engines also allow you to check the cheapest month to travel and even narrows it down to the cheapest day to travel. This helps those with flexibility to plan more efficiently. Always make sure you check the time of arrival, as you probably won’t want to land in the middle of the night! The new also displays the weather and local time, which makes planning even easier. Using its smart filter, you can even narrow down your search further to specify your preferred airline, time of arrival and price range.


3. Save Your Flight Searches

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve found a cheap flight, but when you go back and search for it, you can’t seem to freaking find it? Amadeus has a feature that no other sites have, which is the ‘save your search’ function. Basically if you decide not to book immediately, you can simply save your search as a ‘plan’. You can add a name, description, links and your flight searches to the plan — and best of all, even share it with your travel mates or the community.

amadeus trip plan

4. Use Alerts to Keep Track of Prices

Flight prices can quickly change with time. Skyscanner has a price alerts service that notifies you as soon as the price goes up, or down. So, every time the price of the flight you want changes, the’y’ll automatically send you an email. Most of the time, price alerts are completely free and you can change your alerts or unsubscribe at any time.

5. Sign up for Flight Offer Websites

To keep yourself informed of the latest flight promotions, there are several websites these days that notify you online flight deals or error fares. HolidayPirates is one good example. They are a Europe-centric website that sends out daily newsletters to let you know of the newest airfare promotions mainly from the UK and other parts of Europe. The promotions are genuine and often only last for a short time period, so you have to act fast!


6. Collect Miles and Sign up for Credit Cards

Many travel hackers use various tactics to collect miles and travel the world. There are lots of ways to do this, the easiest techniques include signing up for credit cards that give away lots of miles upon registration or participating in contests and giveaways. We recommend checking out Travel Hacking Cartel that provides specific and useful tips to help you get miles without flying.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with a sponsor, but as always, opinions expressed above are our own.

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