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Posted March 5, 2013 by Elica Sue in Blog

A computer generated image of the Titanic II.
Image from Blue Star Line.

The tragic sinking of the Titanic is known worldwide through documentaries, books, news, and even pop culture. The Titanic was honored internationally in 2012 as it was the one-hundredth year since its descent into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

To honor the Titanic even more, Australian billionaire Professor Clive Palmer and his shipping company, Blue Star Line, will be building a nearly exact replica of Titanic.  The new Titanic is to be built in the CSC Jinling Shipyard in China.

After its birth, it is set to sail in 2016 from Shanghai, China, then to Southampton, England to New York City, from where the latter two locations are on a route similar to that of the original Titanic.

The Titanic’s successor will be a near exact copy of the original, with a few measurement differences and a few modern-day upgrades (i.e. from steam engines to diesel electric pop propulsion units). Palmer “[wants] to recognize the artists and artisans whose skill, creativity and dexterity has never to this day been fully acknowledged because of the ship’s limited service,” which also means, “no televisions.” The new Titanic seems as if it will retain the charm and overall identical atmosphere to the original, but will be enhanced with modern upgrades to maintain smooth sailing.

With the rebuilding of the Titanic, a tragedy will not only be honored, but a brighter future will surface.

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