Travel News: Google Street View Takes Us to the Everest

Posted March 25, 2013 by Elica Sue in Blog
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The Tengboche Monastery in Everest, Nepal.
Photo: Google

If you’ve ever played around with Google Maps Street View, you’ll know you could see what houses look like no the other side of the Earth, what their streets and stores look like. With the recent addition of famous, national landmarks like the Amazon River and the Grand Canyon, you’ll be able to see parts of the world you’ve always dreamed of seeing, and parts of the world that, hopefully, you’ll be able to visit one day.

On top of some of these amazing landmarks, Google has added Street View Collection with locations  in “The World’s Highest Peaks,” featuring mountaintops such as Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Aconcagua in Argentina. Though, according to Gadling, “not all of the images in the new gallery are captured from such lofty heights,” where you’ll even be able to see the “Himalayan village of Namche Bazaar” and take a “stroll along its narrow walkways,” not to mention see the ” the colorful Buddhist monastery in Tengboche.”

Even if you have considered visiting one of these famous peaks but have had cautious complications in doing so, modern technology brings the world right to the tips of our fingers.

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