WildJunket Magazine Spring 2013 Issue Now Available For Free

Posted February 13, 2013 by Nellie Huang in Blog

Welcome to the launch of this new magazine website!

To coincide with this launch, we’re very excited to announce that WildJunket Magazine Spring 2013 issue is now available for FREE here. You no longer need to go through Zinio or Magzter to read our issues. From this issue onward  you can access our current issues here, whether from your PC, iPad or Android device. If you would like to download the issues as PDFs, you can go straight to our issues page and purchase them for US$2,99 each.

In this Issue

This is the first issue of 2013 and it’s already one of our best issues to date. We’ve packed in compelling stories from some of the most interesting corners of the world including a cover feature on Burma, a photo essay of Sierra Leone, and a 10-page comprehensive guide of the Holy Land, Israel.

In our Under the Radar section, we see past the headlines and venture into the forbidden territory of Afghanistan with contributor Stephen Lioy. For a meal that not only satisfies our appetite for our thirst for adventure, writer Noah Lederman navigates the dim sum jungle of Hong Kong and brings us on a thrilling ride. Talented wildlife photographer and writer Dale Morris opens our eyes to an unknown safari destination in Zambia.

On an epic biking journey around the world, doctor and writer Stephen Fabes cycled across the biggest salt lake in the world, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, and shares his story with us.  In our Stay section, we fulfill our childhood dreams of sleeping in a UFO that’s also a treehouse in Sweden’s Treehotel.

Also in this issue: Our Travel Rant columnist Mike Sowden discusses the importance of mealtimes when traveling and how dining with locals might just be the key to unraveling local culture mysteries.

Over at our Travel Thoughts section, regular contributor Candace Rose Rardon discusses the difference between a backpacker and a guidebook-toting bookworm. She also shares with us a beautiful sketch of the Tha Kah Floating Market, a not-so-secret but beautiful corner of Thailand.

Spring Issue 2013:

  • BURMA: The golden age has arrived
  • AFGHANISTAN: Seeing past the headlines
  • SIERRA LEONE: Photo essay of a resilient nation
  • ZAMBIA: Wildlife revival in Liuwa
  • BOLIVIA: Biking the Salar
  • ISRAEL: Ancient ruins and trails, our 10-page guide

The rest of the issue:

  • Trip Ideas: 10 trekking trips
  • Sketch: Thailand’s floating market
  • Feast: Dim sum in Hong Kong


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About the Author

Nellie Huang

Nellie Huang is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of WildJunket. As a professional travel writer with a special interest in offbeat destinations, she has written for numerous publications including CNN, International Business Times, BBC, Wend, and Lonely Planet. In her quest for adventure, she’s climbed an active volcano in Guatemala, swam with sea lions in the Galapagos, played with lemurs in Madagascar and cruised alongside penguins in Antarctica.

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